Modernisation: A Compelling Reason

Midrange platforms were one of the greatest IT success stories in the 90’s; symbiotic relationships between platforms, vendors and customers proved to be a critical success factor for both the platform and the application developers.

The value propositions of the midrange platform and the advantage over alternatives, led many enterprises and ISVs to develop vertical applications based on these systems; and thousands of enterprises and ISVs put their trust and future in these environments.

This was the golden age of Information Technology

Enterprises that built their IT solutions on the midrange platform have however over time, slowly but surely, been increasingly presented with an enormous challenge; how do they:

  • Find the resources to maintain these systems
  • Train new users to become effective, quickly
  • Adapt these solutions to accommodate market and business demands
  • Justify the high cost of ownership these platforms and applications demand
  • Integrate these with increasingly complex processes and disparate data

Fast forward two decades and like most technology-based products there has been a significant decline not just in the desire to purchase midrange systems but also to maintain these platforms. After all, the expectation of a student venturing out in to industry for the first time today, is at the very least to be working with and using, a solution with a true GUI interface and capability.

Increasingly what we have been seeing is an evolution and significant shift towards an age where ‘hybrid’ solutions and connectivity ‘out of the box’ overcome some of the short-term pain. However, in the world of SharePoint, whilst the 2010 platform accommodates many of the ‘day to day’ business requirements [and can of course be made to look fantastic!] it can now be considered as part of the modernised solution.

Fully integrating with midrange systems, SharePoint has continued [and continues] to gain momentum and recognition for being a trusted platform; and it enjoys playing a pivotal role in forming the back bone of the much bigger overall business strategy. By being complimented with .NET and SQL development and extended using other technologies such as FAST and Dynamics CRM, end to end solutions that fully integrate with ‘the desktop’ is helping businesses to become significantly more competitive; however this time, consumer devices can be seamlessly embraced…