Telerik Radwindows and managing them with RadTabStrip and MultiPage control

Having spent around the last 4 months being heavily involved with integrating Teleriks ASP.Net AJAX controls into ASP.Net Applications to help provide our clients with a rich UI experience, I have witnessed first hand the trials and tribulations on developing with them. Sure there has been a learning curve over those last few months. However the reward for using Telerik far out ways this.

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Essential Tools: Port Query

One of the tools that I like to have on every server is Port Query. Port Query has been available as a free utility for many years.

The purpose of this tool is to query ports using either TCP or UDP protocols. Under the hood it uses a simple command line application that talks to different services listening on different ports.

As a DBA I use this tool on a regular basis to test that ports on a database server are listening, and more importantly, that they can be reached from application servers.

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First Steps with Business Processes

Where ever you work in today’s business environment you will find yourself governed by office processes. These processes are generally designed for the paper age with no thought of autonomy or optimization even given today’s technology and resources.

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SQL 2012 and SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 (Pt 2 of 2)

Following the successful installation of SQL Server 2012 RC0, the next step is the installation of SharePoint 2010 (and all of the Service Packs and Cumulative Updates).

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, the main source of instructions for this process is the MSDN article “Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. I have followed the first two steps exactly as stated, with the exception of the installation of SQL 2012.

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SQL 2012 and SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 (Pt 1 of 2)

So I need a development environment. There are lots of articles on how to do this but there are also a lot of gotchas. This is my step by step guide (more for me so I can do it again).

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SharePoint 2010: Email event reciever not working in a farm

I came across and interesting issue earlier this week while investigating a deployment of a custom solution to a client, this solution revolved around processing incoming emails and updating sharepoint list items accordingly, using an ‘SPEmailEventReceiver’ object.

The Solution was set to deploy to a specific web application, OOTB libraries configured to send emails worked perfectly but although emails sent to our event enabled custom libraries failed to record the email or input the files into the library

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How to use OneNote as a Kanban Board

I have only started properly using Kanban over the last couple of months. I have used it at work on a large project, a smaller project and I use it to my manage my own tasks. It is this last use that has been most useful to me personally.

I have access to a window that I use as a Kanban board with sticky notes of different colours representing different task types. It is a simple board with four columns:

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