How to use your Desktop as a Kanban Board


A presentation I recently attended covered organising the self when dealing with a cumbersome workload. As a creative, I suffer from the effects of bad organisation practice, this lead me to actively seek out a windows kanban app on the internet.

The Plan


Unfortunately I had no luck, but then a light bulb……..I opened up a design program (I used illustrator but you could achieve the same thing in gimp or paint .net) and recreated the dimensions for a dual screen resolution, my screens happened to be 1440 wide, but it can be achieved with any screen size. I dragged my favourite desktop wallpaper into Illustrator and began giving it some kanban panels.

After I completed it I started populating it with Windows very own ‘sticky notes’ – I was certainly pushing the boundaries of MS tech.

The Results


Below you can see the results, and it works! I think the advantages are that it keeps your tasks in view at all times, and now there’s no need to ruin the environment with through away post-it notes!