Let’s all use Office Templates

The aim of this exercise is to download the Word and PowerPoint templates from the intranet, store them locally and configure Office to find them when you need to create a new document.


Create Local Store

  1. Create a folder on your C drive called CSP
  2. Create a folder within the new folder called Templates

You should now have a folder:


Download Office Templates

  1. Go to the intranet and select ‘Document & Templates’


  1. From within the ‘Word Templates’ folder save a copy of all of the files to the C:CSPTemplates folder
  2. Repeat step 2 for the Excel, and PowerPoint templates folders
  3. If you use Visio then repeat step 2 for the Visio Stencils folder

Configure Office


  1. Close all Office applications except Word
  2. Select the ‘File’ tab and select ‘Options’


  1. Select ‘Advanced’


  1. Towards the bottom of the screen click ‘File Locations’


  1. Select ‘Workgroup templates’ and click modify


  1. Enter C:CSPTemplates into the ‘Folder name’ input and click ‘OK’


  1. Click OK twice

Create a new file from a Template


  1. In Word, Excel or PowerPoint, click the File Tab
  2. Select ‘New’ and click ‘My Templates’


  1. You should see the templates for the application that you have copied from the intranet


  1. Double click one of the templates and a new document will be created that is based on the template.


In this session you have created a location on your machine to store all Office templates, downloaded the Office templates from the Intranet and configured Office look in the correct folder to find the templates when you create a new document or presentation.