Customising Forms in Dynamic CRM 2011

To edit a form, so that it displays the fields that are needed:

  • Navigate to the form you would like to edit
  • Click the “New” button 

  • Once the form opens, click the customise tab in the ribbon
  • Click the “Form” button form-button
The following screen should display the form in Design View (fig. 1)


Figure 1 – Design view

From here, we’re able to add new fields to the entity and on to the form.

Clicking the new field button, located at the bottom of the Field Explorer, will open the New field window (fig. 2).


Figure 2 – New field window

Here we are able to define:

  • Whether or not it is a required field,
  • The type of field, its format (Number, text, option set, currency etc…)

Once all the required fields have been entered, click save and close.

Upon returning to the Design View form, locate the field just created and drag it on to the form.

To help find the custom field, click the filter at the top of the Field Explorer and choose Custom Fields (fig. 3)


To add a new section to the form, click “Insert” tab on the ribbon.


Figure 4 – Insert Ribbon

Click one column to add in a single column which looks like:


Or a two column:


Once you’re happy with your changes, first click Save and then click Publish.


It must be done in that order as CRM will not publish the form items that have not been saved.

Close the window and refresh the page to see the changes in CRM.