Tools and Techniques of Quality Assurance

There are many tools and techniques within the QA team that we tend to use on our day to day basis. Depending on the projects requirements they will vary and be selected accordingly. My experience in using these tools and techniques is growing as I am developing new skills and finding more ways in which you can meet the project requirements.

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European Elegance

Creative Sharepoint are pleased to present our Swedish office located in Central Stockholm!

Where does a small business expand its operations? Well after much deliberation we aimed for Europe and what better place to start than the capital of Scandinavia.

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Media Query: Compatibility with older browsers

A few months ago, Creative Sharepoint decided it was time to give the current website a facelift, and this gave us the opportunity to make the website responsive.

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Microsoft Licensing – The Mindf**k Part 3: Licensing Programs

Deciding on the Licensing Program…


Now you have all of the information clearly laid out on this wall, you can start to understand what a possible solution will cost you, but where do you buy this from? As it’s certainly not a PC world type purchase!

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Creating a SharePoint Site Structure with Powershell

Sometimes, when starting a new SharePoint branding project, it’s useful to have a large site structure, to see how navigation is rendered, and how styling affects different site templates. Creating many sites manually can take time, especially if the site structure is several layers deep. To speed this process up, I use Powershell to create the structure for me.

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Is Design as Important for an Intranet as a Public-Facing Website?

Design is important in any successful product.

In modern society now it’s pretty obvious that visual design plays a significant role in products that gain market adoption. On the flip side design architecture is also vital to the success of products that can perform tasks. A company who has taken these ideals to heart is the infamous Apple.

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Microsoft Licensing – The Mindf**k Part 2: Licensing Models

Deciding the licensing model…

Once you have this ‘Picasso’ (your visualisation) on a wall in your ‘think tank’, start using post it notes to interact with the detail. Microsoft has come up with a defined set of modeld, which I have tried to depict here:

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