Is Design as Important for an Intranet as a Public-Facing Website?

Design is important in any successful product.

In modern society now it’s pretty obvious that visual design plays a significant role in products that gain market adoption. On the flip side design architecture is also vital to the success of products that can perform tasks. A company who has taken these ideals to heart is the infamous Apple.

I believe their products are so popular, in part, because the interface coupled with the hardware looks great (visual design) and that the software is intuitive or easy to use (design architecture). We can apply these two design ingredients when creating any task-oriented product.

Design in Websites

When it comes to designing websites we focus on creating relationships with users by making a site visually attractive, and brand orientated. Again on the flipside we ensure that a site meets usability and accessibility standards where possible, to ensure users find it easy to access and interact with.


Design in Intranets

When it comes to creating intranets the design process focuses on design architecture.
Like application design, we intend to create a product that allows user interaction to be quick and accurate.

When it comes to designing an intranet, it is easier to cater to a specific set of users as they are predefined. It could be tempting to disregard visual design as it is not as important to the success of an intranet. However, a great looking interface can often help engage non-IT savvy employees, thus improving the overall adoption of the company intranet.



Design is a wide field, and can be applied in various ways. It is important to consider a variety of design disciplines in order for a product to fulfil its potential. Great design has always been part of the success of physical products; it’s now becoming clear that the same is happening with digital products.