Tools and Techniques of Quality Assurance

There are many tools and techniques within the QA team that we tend to use on our day to day basis. Depending on the projects requirements they will vary and be selected accordingly. My experience in using these tools and techniques is growing as I am developing new skills and finding more ways in which you can meet the project requirements.

My views on using these different types of techniques are that they make you think out of the box whilst you are testing a website the different aspect of the site that needs to be tested. All the techniques used ensure that the website is thoroughly tested before being available for the respective clients. As a Quality Assurance Analyst I will use more tools and techniques to develop and further my knowledge. Also, ensuring the tools and techniques are used on projects whilst testing sites.

Tools of the trade

The different types of tools that are being used at the moment are:

  •  Microsoft Visual Studio link
  •  Sort Site link
  •  Aptimize link
  •  Silverback App (Mac only) link
  •  Site Blaster link


The different types of techniques that are being used at the moment are:

  •  Functional testing
  •  Security testing
  •  Stress testing
  •  Regression testing
  •  Usability testing
  •  Cross browser testing