The Upside of using SharePoint as an Intranet

Recently, Creative SharePoint’s Intranet has had a bit of a makeover, both in its design and functionality. It’s not that it wasn’t working well before; we just made a few changes to reignite staff interest in how it can be used to greatest effect. Our ever-evolving workflow requires an intranet that constantly adapts to the demands put upon it, and through using SharePoint, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 (well, maybe not that easy!).

One of the major ways we have ensured that our growing team of Consultants, Developers, Operations and Business Development experts maintain a sense of connectedness and communication, is to champion MySites.

MySites are where an employee gets a chance to express themselves. It’s a “dedicated” personal space on the intranet where they can collect, track and manage information and data relevant to them from across the intranet. They can upload a picture, add a status and update any interests and personal achievements they want to share with colleagues. We find it creates a sense of connectedness among employees.

The other main aspect I’ve noticed from our design overhaul is how different our intranet looks. Although there are high-level similarities across intranets, many differences can emerge in the detail; and through graphical organisation charts, branded workflows and colour coded diagrams, areas of CSP’s intranet are becoming ever more visual.

In a couple of articles I’ve read, SharePoint has been compared to a big corporate monster, stretching its tentacles into new corners and business groups. Although rather a grotesque image, this analogy does accurately portray the huge impact it has had on the organisation, centralisation and presentation of data and project plans within companies.

Not convinced yet? Well the fact that SharePoint is now deployed as the main intranet technology platform in nearly one-quarter of all organisations should do a little to persuade you!
Those corporate tentacles are steadily stretching further and further…

Sarah Howell