SharePoint Online for Education

Launch of Office 365 including SharePoint Online

To coincide with the exciting news that Office 365 is now FREE for all education organisations, Creative SharePoint has launched a solution package designed to draw out the very best that Office 365 has to offer- namely, SharePoint Online.

To find out more about how your organisation can benefit from Office 365 and SharePoint Online, read on….

Office 365 Pricing Plans

Below, you can see the new pricing plans created by Microsoft- plan A2 being the package freely available to your educational organisation now. But how do you utilise and implement this tool?


SharePoint as a Platform

Often misconstrued as an application, SharePoint is actually a platform designed to be built upon. Looking at the graphic below, it can seem pretty intimidating, as SharePoint has so many features and capabilities; but once you know how to harness and channel these features, you can utilise SharePoint Online to completly overhaul your organisation for the better.

How will Educational Organisations utilise SharePoint Online?

Typically used as a gateway with a single sign on, SharePoint Online will be used within Educational Organisations predominantly for Business Processes and Administrative duties. The below graphic outlines this usage:

Basic Use


As you can see, SharePoint is more than capable of being utilised in this manner; however, for a fuller and more multi-faceted usage, see below.

The Extensive Use graphic displays how SharePoint Online can be extended to all areas of your organisation, encorporating VLEs, Library and MIS systems as well as all of your adminisration and business processes.

Extensive Use


So you like the idea of making use of SharePoint Online but you’re not sure how best to go about implementing it? Creative SharePoint has a two tiered approach designed to simplify this process into something altogether less intimidating…

Our Approach

1. Gather Requirements


2. Develop a Solution


Gathering Requirements

As a business with many years experience in creating both custom and template solutions for a myriad of clients, we have identified three key SharePoint feature categories for educational establishments:


Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

  • Centralised Course Material
  • Real Time resource availability (any location/device)
  • Document collaboration & versioning
  • Time logged document submission
  • Security and backup of work

Process Management

  • Automate Paper Processes & Bookings
  • Archiving of Data
  • Automate Calendaring & Organisation
  • Automated Timetabling & Notifications
  • Document Peer Review
  • Self Service Password Reset

Business Intelligence

  • Reporting on KPI’s, System & Feature Usage
  • Available to Different Audiences (students, teachers, parents, governors, principles, senior management, partners)
  • Real Time & Interactive (animations, drill-downs)

Developing Solutions

The next step is to develop a solution for your organisation. This is where our Solution Quadrant comes in:

The simple diagram below reflects what we believe to be an effective approach to delivering a solution for your company that will best fit its needs.

Ranging from Generic to Custom in both Functionality and Design, our solution quadrant is designed to visually represent the requirements gathered from you in order to work out what needs to be done.


Template Example

Please see below for an example of the Template Solution- The University of Cambridge Judge Business School.


We are aiming to steer as many organisations as possible towards our template solution as it offers good value for money, with high functionality and rich design capabilities. As you can see from the above example, you don’t have to compromise on functionality or design when choosing the template solution.

The idea behind our template approach is to provide a solution that can be both quickly and efficiently rolled out, as we adapt our knowledge and experience to each individual organisation.

Office 365 compatible templates

The proof is in the pudding (as they say), and you can see from the below graphic that almost all of the functionality of SharePoint on-premise is available in Office 365- all of our education templates are Office 365 compatible.


View the full presentation