Better company communication with Lync

Having recently opened an office in Stockholm, CSP is now working from two bases, so good communication has never been so important; and we simply couldn’t function without Lync. Although it’s a fantastic tool for messaging colleagues in-house, it really comes into its own when utilised to communicate with colleagues overseas.

Using Lync Instant Messaging


The Lync feature most often here at CSP is instant messaging (IM).

As well as enabling you to chat and share files with colleagues in real-time, Lync also allows you to see the availability of your contacts according to their Outlook calendars, and it can even connect with Office to show you if another user is working on the same file.

For instance, if I wanted to speak to my colleague Baljinder, I just type in his name and check his availability- as you can see from the below image, he is green and available to chat.


When you double click on your desired recipient’s name, you will see an image like the one to the left;
If I then wanted to share a file with Baljinder, I would simply click the ‘attach’ symbol- a smaller version of the one used in Exchange- and select the document I wish to send.


The document is then held, waiting for the recipient to accept it.


Once they accept, the file will transfer and produce a display like the screen shot to the left- pretty simple!


Now what about sharing your screen? Communicating through Lync is fast, conversational and energises meetings. Demonstrating your point by sharing your screen with a colleague is simple and effective.

Click on the drop down menu under the participant’s name and select ‘share’. You can then share your main monitor, secondary monitor or all of them.


Web Conferencing


An innovative and well-integrated tool, the Lync’s web conferencing facility is invaluable. With clients from all over world, we regularly have to create meetings that can’t be face-to-face, and make use of this simple tool to hold conference calls with numerous participants.

Take a look here
for a really thorough step-by-step guide from Microsoft:

Making Calls


When instant messaging just isn’t quick enough, and I want to have a proper conversation with a colleague over in Sweden, the quickest method is to use Lync’s call or video call facility.

Again, simply type the desired participant’s name into the search bar and double click on their name.

You will see the screen to the left. Clicking on ‘call’ will give you the opportunity to provide a topic for your prospective conversation and simply click on ‘Lync Call’ to begin.


Should you want to video call a colleague, the process is exactly the same- select the dropdown menu labelled ‘video’ and select ‘Start a Video Call’.




We’re huge fans of Lync, as it allows us to interact on a more personal level with our colleagues in Sweden, creating a more cohesive team atmosphere. The instant messaging function provides an excellent resource for file sharing and real-time conversations, while the call facilities accommodate both in-house and external client meetings in one fell swoop.

In my next blog post, I’ll discuss the methods of utilising Lyn to share applications- an excellent method of streamlining a presentation and collaboratively working on projects.