5 Useful Tools for SharePoint Branding

In addition to the bare essentials (a browser, SharePoint designer, a text editor and some graphics software), here are 5 additional tools you might find useful for SharePoint branding…

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Why Sticking with Windows XP is a bad idea


With the launch of Windows 8 looming, there is a lot of excitement around new features and speculation around enterprise adoption.

Although consumer adoption is likely to be rapid, the same can’t be said for the corporate take-up:

“As of the end of 2011, Windows XP accounts for a remarkable 42% of the commercial (non-home use) Windows client operating environment installed base.” (IDC Report 2012)

Based on findings from nine end-user organizations that have deployed both Windows XP and Windows 7, the report by IDC examines the implications of sticking with Windows XP.

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Setting Conditional Alerts on a SharePoint List

The Problem

When adding an alert to a SharePoint list, there aren’t many options if you only want to receive an alert that meets certain conditions.

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Company Intranet vs. Enterprise Social Network?

In a recent article, Senior Analyst Tom Petrocelli claimed that “Enterprise Social Networks Will Render Company Intranets Obsolete”.

Exactly what defines an “Enterprise Social Network” or a “Company Intranet” is not clearly outlined, but for some reason the two are seen as mutually exclusive solutions.

I suggest that not only are the two necessarily separate, but that the features associated with “company intranets” are just as relevant now as they were before the birth of the buzzword “enterprise social network”.

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Exclusively Intranets – #IIC12

Yesterday saw the hosting of the UK’s largest intranet conference – Interaction 2012. With speakers from Collaboration Strategists through to Intranet Evangelists, the event was an opportunity to experience and discuss all the latest trends in intranet development.

We’ve put together our key takeaways from presenters and attendees below, enjoy!


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Pay-as-you-Go with PaaS

Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud services can offer a number of advantages over traditional or alternative cloud hosting options.

One of those advantages is elasticity – the ability to quickly scale up and down compute resources and as a result only pay for the resources you need.

Not all applications benefit equally from elasticity. Those with a consistent and predictable compute pattern benefit the least.

However, there are 4 computing patterns that do benefit in particular from the elasticity PaaS cloud services offer…

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Gartner talks Gamification

Gamification is a hot topic amongst business process professionals and increasingly within the enterprise software space, a recent report published by Gartner suggests (see “Gamification: The Serious Side of Games Can Make Work More Interesting”).

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