5 Useful Tools for SharePoint Branding

In addition to the bare essentials (a browser, SharePoint designer, a text editor and some graphics software), here are 5 additional tools you might find useful for SharePoint branding…

Branding Tool 1 – Start Master Pages for SharePoint 2010

Download here

Starter Master Pages for SharePoint are a clean, commented starting point for creating your own SharePoint 2010 branding. Starter Master Pages were previously known as ‘Minimal Master Pages’ in SharePoint 2007.

They contain only very minimal HTML styling in order to accommodate some of the specific needs of SharePoint 2010.

It speeds up starter page loading using trusted well known code as a base to build on.

It has stripped down all the unnecessary content from out the box SharePoint which was seen as bulky and sluggish.



Thanks to Randy Drisgill

Branding Tool 2 – SharePoint 2010 Java Script Library

View here

This section of the MSDN site contains the language reference for the namespaces of the JavaScript object model. This reference provides documentation for classes and members that are supported for public use in Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

  • You can interact with SharePoint functionality by using the SharePoint client object model using this Java script class library.
  • Works with both Foundation and SharePoint 2010



Thanks to the MSDN Community

Branding Tool 3 – What’s the Font?

Download here

There are thousands of Chrome extensions out there, one of my favourites for SharePoint branding is ‘What’s the font?’.

Rather than using the Chrome developer toolbar, save time by using this quick and easy extension.


Thanks to @ashleyw

Branding Tool 4 – Responsive.is (Browser Width Tester)

Try it here

Responsive.is is a web app which allows you to sample the view of any live website by simply typing in the URL to the dedicated search bar then you can choose between; PC, Tablet, Phone or auto. This will reshape and sample what the site would look like on these different browser sizes.


Thanks to Typecast

Branding Tool 5 – Adobe Edge Inspect

Download here

Simply browse using your Chrome browser and all devices that have been connected to ‘Adobe Edge Inspect’ will follow along. This enables you to test the appearance and behavior of a SharePoint page on a variety of devices at the same time.


Thanks to Adobe