Exclusively Intranets – #IIC12

Yesterday saw the hosting of the UK’s largest intranet conference – Interaction 2012. With speakers from Collaboration Strategists through to Intranet Evangelists, the event was an opportunity to experience and discuss all the latest trends in intranet development.

We’ve put together our key takeaways from presenters and attendees below, enjoy!


Key Takeaways – Intranet Presentations

Sharing is Caring: A New Intranet Perspective

  • “If something is hard to use, I just don’t use it as much
  • iPhone / iPad experience increased users’ expectation of intranets
  • Control (top-down communication) is common on intranets, move from control to coordination

Loving the Intranet: Re-Thinking Employee Adoption

  • “13% of IT professionals believe their social tools have been a success”
  • To encourage adoption focus on things that give autonomy, mastery and purpose

Intranetizen Fun

  • Lose – animated GIFs, World Clocks, Weather Widgets, Scrolling Marques, Pictures of the Day – focus on business value…
  • Do not – ignore users, set up a committee of people with different objectives, avoid a ‘lessons learned’ meeting, hide it and make it a massive surprise for users…
  • Improve search by – quality (not quantity) of content, add synonyms and acronyms, review search logs, auto-suggest to encourage people to use more words…

Key Takeaways – Intranet Tweets

Two clear themes emerged in discussion:

  • the need for dynamic intranets and
  • ways to drive intranet adoption and utilization

Dynamic Intranets

“Good message about iterative development over time for #intranets rather than projects/ big bangs launches etc #iirc12″

“#iirc12 do #intranets have a use-by date? They do, but shouldn’t says @sharonodea. Iterative updates are the way.”

“#iic12 the most important things is that #Intranet is constantly moving (and improving) – death to big bang projects”

“#iic12 IKEA don’t do Intranet “projects” – instead they do four incremental releases a year”

“#iic12 Arriva audits their Intranet every 6 weeks with a traffic light system”

Intranet Adoption and Utilization

“Intranet launch – think both push and pull. Not everyone will be tempted by novel and fun approaches. #iic12″

“Always go looking for sceptics and find out why. They can help drive improvement as much as the fans #iic12″

“Getting C-level execs using social business tools legitimises its use in the organisation – @DigitalJonathon #iic12″

“Really impressed with coca colas adoption videos, so slick and fun…Annoying music! #iic12″

“Intranet training may be needed for specific functions. If ppl need general training to use it you have an IA / UX problem. #iic12″