Pay-as-you-Go with PaaS

Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud services can offer a number of advantages over traditional or alternative cloud hosting options.

One of those advantages is elasticity – the ability to quickly scale up and down compute resources and as a result only pay for the resources you need.

Not all applications benefit equally from elasticity. Those with a consistent and predictable compute pattern benefit the least.

However, there are 4 computing patterns that do benefit in particular from the elasticity PaaS cloud services offer…

1. On and Off

  • Situation: On & off workloads (e.g. batch job)
  • Problem: Over provisioned capacity is wasted
  • Problem: Time to market can be cumbersome


2. Growing Fast

  • Situation: Successful services needs to grow/scale
  • Problem: Keeping up with growth is big IT challenge
  • Problem: Cannot provision hardware fast enough


3. Unpredictable Bursting

  • Situation: Unexpected/unplanned peak in demand
  • Problem: Sudden spike impacts performance
  • Problem: Can’t over provision for extreme cases


4. Predictable Bursting

  • Situation: Services with micro seasonality trends
  • Problem: Peaks due to periodic increased demand
  • Problem: IT complexity and wasted capacity



In each case, the compute resources required by an application fluctuate over time. PaaS cloud services allow the owner of the application to benefit by only paying for the resources they need at any given time.