Setting Conditional Alerts on a SharePoint List

The Problem

When adding an alert to a SharePoint list, there aren’t many options if you only want to receive an alert that meets certain conditions.


The Workaround

One workaround is to create a custom view where you can choose from what columns to display, sort options, and most importantly, the filter conditions.


This way, you can specify multiple conditions, and set the list to only alert you when an item is added to or modified on the custom view.


Managing Alerts in Outlook

If you don’t like the alerts filling up your Outlook Inbox, you can create rules to move the alerts into a folder of your choice. Note that this will also disable the desktop mail alert.


If you still want to see the mail alert, you can modify the rule in Outlook by going to:

File -> Manage Rules & Alerts -> Double click on the rule you want to change -> Click on Next to go to the step that says “What do you want to do with the message” and tick the option “Display a Desktop alert” -> click Finish to save the change.

Now the alerts should be moved to the folder automatically, and you still get notified.