Why Sticking with Windows XP is a bad idea


With the launch of Windows 8 looming, there is a lot of excitement around new features and speculation around enterprise adoption.

Although consumer adoption is likely to be rapid, the same can’t be said for the corporate take-up:

“As of the end of 2011, Windows XP accounts for a remarkable 42% of the commercial (non-home use) Windows client operating environment installed base.” (IDC Report 2012)

Based on findings from nine end-user organizations that have deployed both Windows XP and Windows 7, the report by IDC examines the implications of sticking with Windows XP.


End of Support

Windows XP SP3 extended support ends of April 8, 2014, including end of:

  • Security updates
  • (Paid) hotfix agreement support
  • Paid per-incident support services

End-User Frustration

As a result of the ‘Consumerisation of IT’, end-users are familiar with modern user interfaces and experiences. They are frustrated by…

  • Poorly performing old technology
  • Unnecessary application crashes
  • Operating system reboots

Reduced IT Staff Productivity


Reduced End-User Productivity


Conclusion and Resources


Thanks to recent hype, the features of Windows 8 are clear; the risks of sticking with Windows XP are not so well publicized.

When planning to upgrade Windows XP there are a number of factors to be considered.

These include application compatibility (which XP mode goes some way to mitigate), hardware capability and downtime.

Then of course there’s the cost of licensing.

  • For those organisations with Software Assurance, free upgrade rights to the latest operating system are included.
  • For those without, Windows Intune provides a new and cost effective way of upgrading. Windows Intune is Microsoft’s subscription based cloud service for managing network devices and includes upgrade rights. To learn more about Windows Intune or to request a free trial, see Resources below:


To learn more about the ROI from upgrading XP, download the full report here

To learn more about Windows Intune, view the video below, download the data sheet or contact us for a free trial.