Click Dimensions Tips – One way to maximise hidden fields within your web forms

Understanding the source of your leads and the ability to easily delegate and kick-off nurture campaigns is critical for marketing professionals across all industries. Organisations utilising Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions should already be aware of the ability to automatically capture information from completed web content directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a new lead, this blog looks at how the simple use of hidden fields within your web forms can empower effective reporting.

For this example we will focus on the use of web content for website lead capturing. The majority of websites will have multiple web forms for capturing information, from the simple contact us to downloads, registrations and booking requests.

For your sales and marketing teams it’s critical the leads automatically created in Dynamics CRM from your website can be easily differentiated by generic topic from one another and reported on without having to dive into each completed form to review.

Utilising the hidden field feature when building your web forms to easily see which forms your new leads have completed for this couldn’t be simpler.

1. When completing the design of your web form select the “Hidden Field” component from the Fields and Components area and add this to the bottom of your form design builder.

ClickDimensions Web Form Hidden Field

2. Double clicking on the Hidden field element will enable you to add a default value (the text always pulled through with this form when a record in CRM is created). Mapping this to the Topic field within leads will ensure that when the web form completed the topic field in the newly created lead will reflect the default value and thus the lead source will be easily identifiable against the completed web form topic.

Click Dimensions Web forms Help

3. A visitor to the website completes the contact us form and clicks submit. This triggers workflow and a lead to be created in Dynamics CRM.

Website Form completion

4. The new lead is instantly created within Dynamics CRM. The hidden field and default value we defined earlier is pulled through as the topic, informing us this enquiry has come via the contact us form. Without this the Topic field would typically be blank. 

Click Dimensons Web Form within Leads

I hope this has showcased one of the simple benefits available from the hidden field feature in ClickDimensions.

For further questions or help around your ClickDimensions or Dynamics CRM contact our experts.