Introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Organisations across the Globe are looking to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and deliver consistent experiences that drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

What’s new in Dynamics CRM 2015?

Streamlined, multi-channel marketing

Marketing teams are more than ever before being held responsible for campaign ROI yet most are unable to track campaign metrics and returns from beginning to end. More than 50% of CMO’s feel unprepared for the new marketing landscape.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 

  • New email editor featuring an entry level drag and drop editor to a advanced editor for CSS and HTML experts.
  • Webinar integration.
  • Improved inbound lead scoring allowing marketing teams to effectively measure campaign returns.
  • Manage marketing resource management and campaigns with a new marketing calendar.

CRM 2015 within Microsoft Dynamics Marketing email editor

Updated guided sales process 

The functionality available in CRM 2015 builds on the business process flows introduced in the CRM 2013 release. Within CRM 2015 organisations can implement complex business processes (e.g. one specific to products and one for services)

Maximise cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with the ability to bundle products and recommended products for cross-sell / up-sell.

Sales hierarchies 

Visually understand how information across accounts, products or users relate in hierarchical charts.

  • View contacts relationships across an account, allowing you to leverage connections for future opportunity.
  • View organisations sub accounts, drilling in to see where opportunities lie.

CRM 2015 Hierarchy

Improved CRM for tablets

Using Dynamics CRM on tablets has now become even easier with enhanced personalisation via dash boards and views available. Furthermore records and changes can now be created offline and synchronised when reconnected.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 tablet application update

Capture key metrics with rollup fields 

The ability to view the total number (in revenue) of open opportunities against an account, the total lifetime value (in closed opportunity revenue) against an account and the total number of high value service cases related to a record is now available out of the box with Dynamics CRM 2015.

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