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Creating a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Record

What is Sender Policy Framework? Sender Policy Framework is a system for validating the source of e-mails based on the DNS records of the domain from which the e-mail has been sent.  It allows verification of the source of the e-mail through the use of a TXT record within the DNS records for the domain. […]

Windows 8 – Keyboard Shortcuts

It’d be nice to have a slate or a tablet to be able to use the Metro interface that is part of Windows 8 but at the moment, I don’t have one so I am reduced to using a mouse and keyboard. Whilst a mouse is good, I have always been a fan of keyboard […]

CRM 2011 on a SQL 2008 Cluster

Whilst installing a CRM 2011 on a SQL cluster some issues occurred that we resolved without any clear guidance from the web.  The documentation available on the CRM installation is sparse and not very helpful when issues occur.  So this is our story …

SQLBits X: A Welcome Information Overload

Recently I had the pleasure of attending SQL Bits X in London.  If you have never been to a SQL Bits conference and you have an interest in SQL Server or Business Intelligence then you are missing out on the best free resource in the country.

Essential Tools: Port Query

One of the tools that I like to have on every server is Port Query. Port Query has been available as a free utility for many years. The purpose of this tool is to query ports using either TCP or UDP protocols. Under the hood it uses a simple command line application that talks to […]

SQL 2012 and SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 (Pt 2 of 2)

Following the successful installation of SQL Server 2012 RC0, the next step is the installation of SharePoint 2010 (and all of the Service Packs and Cumulative Updates). As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, the main source of instructions for this process is the MSDN article “Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 […]

How to use OneNote as a Kanban Board

I have only started properly using Kanban over the last couple of months. I have used it at work on a large project, a smaller project and I use it to my manage my own tasks. It is this last use that has been most useful to me personally. I have access to a window […]

Transformation of Functional Requirements into UX Specification

I have been working as part of a team on a project to design and deliver a SharePoint 2010 solution to replace many paper-based processes.  We have been required to understand in minute detail the day-to-day processes of a client made up of six discrete business areas. Following requirements gathering workshops, conference calls and e-mails […]