Embedding a PowerPoint Presentation into a SharePoint 2013 Page


Office Web Apps (as part of SharePoint 2013) allow SharePoint users to view and edit Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) from within the browser. Typically a user will click on a link to a document, for example in a document library, and be taken to a new page, as seen below:

SharePoint 2013 Office Web App Page

But what if you want to present a document, specifically a PowerPoint presentation, in context on another page? In this blog I will show you how to do so.

Create (or upload) the PowerPoint Presentation

Start by navigating to your SharePoint 2013 site’s document library, or wherever is most appropriate to store your PowerPoint presentation.

If you have already created your PowerPoint presentation simply upload it to the document library. If not, click on “New Document” and select “PowerPoint presentation”:

Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Once you have completed your PowerPoint presentation (or opened an existing one), click on the ellipses (…) and choose “Embed”:

Copy Embed Code

Select the “Embed Code” and copy it:

Copy Embed Code

Embedding the PowerPoint Presentation

Once you have the Embed Code of the PowerPoint presentation (see above), navigate to the page you would like to embed the presentation onto. In this example I will use the hompage.

Once on the page, click “Edit page” in the ribbon:

Edit Page

Next, click on “Embed Code” under the insert tab of the ribbon:

Embed Code

Paste the copied Embed Code into the open modal window and click Insert:

Paste Embed Code

Now save the page and view your PowerPoint file embedded in to your SharePoint page:

Save Page