Recap: Power BI with Excel for Higher Education Executive Briefing

Tuesday 14th October saw 11 key individuals from Universities’ across the UK join Pythagoras at Microsoft’s UK Headquarters to discuss the benefits of Power BI with Excel for Higher Education.

We’d like to thank all the attendees and our colleagues at Microsoft. Listed below are a 3 common questions asked during the briefing:

Q: Can I pull and report on data from my student record system?

A: Absolutely, as long as information can be exported into Excel anything can be pulled and reported on.

Q: Can I pull outside data sources to compliment and further interrogate trends we may be seeing?

A: Yes, for example you may see open day attendance is down across certain faculties. Adding weather reports will allow you to see if there are any further associated trends.

Q: We use QlikView, why is this better for us?

A: Apart from Power BI being a natural extension to Excel and your existing investment with Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud, Power BI provides the self-service element for users, removing the continuous need for IT. Further benefits include the ability to create Power BI sites to share reports and find answers using the natural language Q&A tool.

For more information:

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