The continued growth Microsoft Dynamics CRM within Higher Education

The 2013 UCISA survey results showed Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the leading CRM solution for Higher Education with a 19% share of the market. A rise we predicted since the first stream of Universities came to us as they began to understand the strategic benefits Microsoft Dynamics CRM could bring at a time of fierce competition for students.

This blog will take a look at 4 of the reasons why Microsoft Dynamics CRM should be the solution of choice for Universities not already experiencing the benefits;

1. Integration

The seamless integration to solutions within the Microsoft productivity suite (SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Social Listening, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, BI, Office etc.) ensures you gain the maximum value by leveraging the power across solutions.

2. Functionality and Higher Education Pedigree

Microsoft Dynamics CRM combines industry leading functionality and ease of adoption to provide users with a single student view across key teams. Furthermore, Dynamics CRM is used successfully by a number of Higher Education Institutions across marketing and admissions, alumni management, research and enterprise and business engagement.
3. Reduced Risk

Microsoft has a long term product roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics CRM; the research and development budget globally is $10bn; 40,000 customers and 3.8m users globally. Additions such as Microsoft Social Listening and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to Dynamics CRM further increase the value for existing users.
4. Campus Agreement Pricing

Universities with Microsoft Campus agreement in place benefit from preferential pricing on licensing.
Pythagoras is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner with expertise in delivering solutions to Higher Education across Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer.

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