Nintex Forms and Workflow give you the ability to deliver an almost infinite number of business solutions. I particularly like the fact that solutions can be built to meet precise business requirements, with all the fields and workflow complexity that you need, and none of what you don’t.

Here are five common solutions, to give an idea of the kind of thing that is possible. All of these solutions can be tailored to precise need, and integrated with other line of business systems.


Every organisation needs a way to submit expenses. We can capture details in a form, attach scans of receipts, route for approval, and integrate to a finance system. The form is mobile friendly as well, so users can submit expenses in the field and even when offline. Receipts can be photographed using a device built in camera.

This screenshot shows a repeating section, totalling, attachment of receipt images, and a review section that can only be filled out by approvers.

Nintex forms and workflow solutions

Contract (or any other document) Creation

How much time gets spent manually creating contracts, non-disclosure agreements, letters, etc? A better approach is to capture data in a form, route it for approval as needed, then automatically generate the document from a template. Simple document generation is possible with Nintex, but for more sophisticated requirements its worth taking a look at Qorus document generation.

In this simple screenshot below a couple of fields are captured for an NDA. Different fields can be captured for different document types of course. The form is then routed for approval, then a PDF is automatically generated and emailed. This can even be tied in to an electronic signature solution for a really slick end to end experience.

Nintex forms and workflow solutions

Help Desk

With many sophisticated off the shelf help desk solutions available, why would you want to build your own? Well maybe your needs aren’t that sophisticated, or maybe an off the shelf product doesn’t quite do what you want. Or maybe you do have an off the shelf solution but you want to build a more friendly SharePoint based submission form, so that users don’t have to navigate to another system from within your intranet. Another possibility is you want to allow users to be able to raise tickets from mobile devices, perhaps when in the field or even offline.

The screenshot below shows a simple ticket submission form, and illustrates the type ahead people lookup feature. Again, all the fields can be customised to meet your precise needs.

Nintex forms and workflow solutions

New Starter/Leaver

Keeping track of all the activities that are needed for new starters or leavers can be onerous. A Nintex based solution provides a structured way to manage these processes and also can automate many of the tasks, such as creating AD accounts and mailboxes, sending out welcoming emails, links to training etc.

Nintex forms and workflow solutions

SharePoint Governance of Site Creation

Maintaining control of content in SharePoint is a key objective of all SharePoint Governance plans. In my experience, controlling site creation is essential to avoiding “SharePoint sprawl”. A simple Nintex form can be used to capture site creation requests, and a workflow can route these requests for review and approval. If a request is approved then the workflow can automatically create the site and send out links to the parties concerned. Optionally the workflow can ensure consistent naming and locating of sites, application of appropriate policies, and pre-loading of relevant content.

Nintex forms and workflow solutions

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