Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Calls on Cortana

At the Microsoft Convergence Europe Conference in Barcelona on November 4th it was announced that Microsoft is adding support for Windows Phone 8.1’s digital assistant, Cortana to its latest Dynamics CRM 2015 solution.

Upgrades to Dynamics CRM 2015 – expected in December – will include a reworked user interface and integration with Cortana; a feature released in the US last May on Windows Phone 8.1 and as a beta version here in the UK in October, running on the Lumia 830, allowing users to ‘simply ask’ Cortana to perform tasks and access information.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgrade will mean that Cortana can access data on protected corporate servers, so key tasks may be performed ‘on the move’, everything from setting up meetings and reminders, to searching for contacts, accounts and activities, accessing customer lists and creating new records.