Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflow provides an easy to use tool that can deliver great benefits to your business. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your workflows run nicely.

Nintex workflow good practise recommendations:

  • Ideally each workflow should use one workflow history list, which will allow better monitoring of each workflow instance and will keep low numbers of items in this list.

  • There should not be different workflows updating the same item at the same time. Most operations are asynchronous and there is no guarantee that resource will be freed up on time. Architecture decisions should be made in order to avoid such concurrency.

  • Don’t use the System Account to create workflows as they might not run as expected and scheduled. Any other account with permissions to create workflows and access the target location should be sufficient.

Nintex workflow tips from the field:

  • NWAdmin is a tool provided by Nintex. It is very simple to use and it allows you to administer a lot more of the aspects of Nintex Workflow than is possible with the UI. Click here for more information.

Nintex Workflow
  • Regularly clean up the Nintex Workflow history list and make sure it is below the list view threshold value (5000). It is a standard SharePoint list and having large number of items in it will increase load time for any tool accessing it (e.g. instance of Nintex Workflow). Consider doing a manual list purge or using NWAdmin tool (see above).

Nintex Workflow
  • Faulty workflows can create unsustainable numbers of task items, so clean up the default SharePoint Workflow task list.

  • Incorrect workflow architecture can cause a workflow to keep spinning up new instances. These workflows are classified as orphaned workflow instances. The best way to resolve this is to carefully review and execute powershell script as provided by this Vadim Tabakman blog post here.

  • Backup-SPSite / Restore-SPSite powershell commandlets are not going to copy across Nintex workflows correctly. It is a good practice to perform Export/Import workflow and then re-publish all workflows from the restored location.

For more information about Nintex Workflow and how they can empower your organisation, please contact us.

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