Microsoft Dynamics for your office

Treat Your Office to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 This Christmas

Talking a look at some of the key benefits available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

New Sales Hierarchy Functionality

Manage and report on your sales data in a way that maps to your business. New hierarchical visualisations and roll-ups bring real-time territory and forecasting data to your fingertips.​

Improved Mobile Functionality

​Increase field sales productivity with the ability to view, role tailored dashboards and analytics on the move and the ability to navigate by hierarchy.​

Flexible Business Processes

​Customise individual business processes, letting you handle customers differently based on elemets such as budget, type of products the person buys, and when the person plans to buy your products, or other conditions.​

Enhanced Search Capabilities

​Improved search capabilities provide a quick way for users to search across multiple record types on the web app. By entering keywords in the search box, you can quickly find and navigate to a record from anywhere in the web app.​

Boost Selling Effectiveness with Cortana

Key tasks may be performed ‘on the move’ with Cortana, everything from setting up meetings and reminders, to searching for contacts, accounts and activities, accessing customer lists and creating new records.

Enhanced Social Listening Integration

​Improved Social Listening integration with accounts and with Power BI Maps. Furthermiore, with this coming release, on premise customers can now access Social Listening directly from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.​

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