Chris presenting the applications available within the Office 365 suite

NfP Customer briefing event

On Thursday 13th August our NfP team hosted a Customer Briefing event in London. The event gave an opportunity for attendees who came from a variety of charity, membership and NfP organisations, a chance to meet the team and hear about the latest trends affecting the marketplace. It was also an opportunity to demonstrate and showcase the different packages, services and solutions available to empower these organisations to achieve more.

The event was well attended and provided an excellent facility for cross communication collaboration; attendees got to network and talk to others who they otherwise would be unlikely to meet, all sharing ideas, knowledge and experience.

Our NfP team used the customer event to both introduce and expand upon the capabilities the Office 365 suite can offer the sector, highlighting that the suite is more than just email as it so often is perceived. Power BI, Sway and Delve were of particular interest to attendees.

Before the session was closed, the team discussed Microsoft licencing and how organisations can check their eligibility for discounted NfP pricing on software, which many of the attendees found extremely useful.

If you would like to discuss anything mentioned in further detail, or register your interest for future events, please contact our NfP team.

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