Office 365 for Education

On Thursday 20th August our Education team hosted a webinar to demonstrate how the Office 365 suite can empower staff and students in Higher Education.

More than 100 Universities across the UK are now utilising Office 365, therefore it’s important that we showcase the collaboration and productivity benefits to get more establishments on board with this great suite of apps and tools.

The webinar began by introducing the team –Kirsty, Paul & Colin- and Pythagoras, highlighting our technical and sector expertise and the solutions we offer, taking the opportunity to talk through those we have deployed with some of our existing customers. For new or prospective customers, Pythagoras prides itself on being able to share ideas including what has/has not worked, we bring innovation and importantly we provide advice based on years of experience, becoming trusted advisors to many of the organisations we work with.

Before the main element of the webinar took place, the team introduced the Cloud and the Office 365 suite, emphasising that it’s so much more than just email; it’s a great way to connect people, is accessible across a number of devices, and makes the sharing and collaboration on projects and documents so much easier than some existing systems currently in use.

Then the team began a demo demonstration based on a day in the life of a college student (Esther Valle), and how she uses the Office 365 environment to stay organised by enabling her to:

  • Collaborate, project manage and share documents
  • Sync OneDrive for business to her local drive (i.e. on her laptop)
  • Fire up all available apps using the launch pad
  • Easily switch between these apps and sync between devices
  • The Microsoft Exchange Server allows users to restrict content –who it is seen by and preventing the recipient(s) from forwarding and sharing it further
  • Creating class notebooks that both staff and students (who are granted permission) can share content related specifically to that class/lecture including audio files
  • Create specific intranet sites for courses to allow for document sharing & storage, news feeds and instant messaging
  • Skype for Business –great for remote access to staff & students unable to get to campus for meetings
  • So much more!

The webinar closed following a short Q&A.

To talk through any of the above in more detail, or to register your interest for future events, please contact us or visit our events page.

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