Microsoft Worldwide partner conference 2015

Following our attendance at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in July, it would be of no surprise that the team came back empowered with ideas and knowledge about the latest developments and industry insights at Microsoft. Amongst many of the takeaways they came away with, there were three themes particularly that the team identified that featured prominently throughout many of the keynote sessions: Intelligence, the sales process, and Azure.

The key opportunity for any organisation is to be able to convert data into intelligent action

Satya NadellaCEO, Microsoft

Last week we reported that Power BI made the switch from Preview to General Availability, and with Windows’ digital personal assistant, Cortana now integrating with Office 365 as well as soon opening up a whole suite of analytics capabilities, everything is very clearly driving towards empowering businesses to advance their decision making process, utilising this data and as Satya Nadella says, turning it into intelligent action.

Specifically, intelligence concerns the cloud and many Microsoft people mentioned the ‘intelligent cloud’ as being something in development and is defined as “the back-end infrastructure that drives all of your enterprise mobility”.

Fundamentally, the change in the cloud is the result of organisations undergoing a process of digital transformation and re-evaluating their existing processes and how they access and utilise the data at their fingertips. Now with the availability of powerful tools such as Power BI, businesses can easily pull together and analyse large quantities of data, which cannot just be used to look at things from the past, but crucially can predict what will happen in the future.

For more on digitalisation, read our blog on how the Not-For-Profit sector are becoming empowered by this transformation, here.

Drop by again soon to read our next WPC posts on the sales process and Azure.

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