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We posted recently about the announcement of Power BI finally switching from Preview to General Availability (here), but because we think this office app is so fantastic and clever, we thought we would take discussions a step deeper.

To remind you, here is an overview of some of Power BI’s key features:

  • Power BI for Windows, iOS & Android

    Getting the information you need on the go, Power BI has native apps for mobile usage providing live, interactive access to your business data from anywhere, at any time.

  • Power BI personalised Gateway

    Report on your on-premises data, and schedule hourly data refresh, via the Power BI web application in a quick and secure way with the Personal Gateway.

  • Power BI Analysis Services Connector

    Use your web browser to interact directly with your on-premises Analysis Services data models via the Power BI Analysis Services Connector.

How Power BI meets your individual business cases

As with a lot of technology, it’s not difficult to understand what it does, but the challenge can often be seeing how it can be applied and integrated into certain organisations and sectors. Here we have tried to identify and select how Power BI can benefit key sectors.


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Student recruitment is obviously high on the priority list of all Higher and Further Education sectors. Power BI can be utilised to show where prospective students are likely to come from geographically, visualising this data alongside information such as predicted grades, social backgrounds, financial status, probability of drop-out etc. This will prove invaluable in targeting the right kind of people for your organisation’s future needs.

Financial Services

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Policy management is the backbone of the insurance sector and Power BI can be utilised to show insights into which policies are performing well, and more importantly which policies are falling behind. This data used alongside the individual policy holder’s data would allow you to target the source of the underperformance rather than just seeing which policies are failing without any real explanation. Using Power BI to see which policies are underperforming and why could give valuable information into steering your business forward.


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Donor management for Charities and Not-for-Profit organisations can utilise Power BI to show which audience group would be the best to target for future donations. Combining the existing data from your donation records such as age, nationality, marital status, residential status, employment status, financial status etc. and displaying them alongside the amounts donated will give insights into where your donations are currently coming from and where you should focus your marketing in the future.

Local & Regional Government

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Customer Engagement is becoming more and more important for Local and Regional Government sectors, Power BI could be utilised to show who is engaged and who is disconnected in your governing area. The answers may not be as obvious as they seem, drilling into the data could prove invaluable to find out the “hidden” groups (or even smaller sub-groups) of people who are not engaged and who would have gone unnoticed, remaining disconnected from your organisation.

Professional Services

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Maintaining an up-to-date view of the progress of on-going projects, the volume of outstanding support calls, and client satisfaction levels is key for the Professional Services sector. Senior management can drill into these datasets to look closely at the performance of individual project managers, support consultants, and development staff.

In summary, if your organisation produces data that is vital to monitoring performance, determining customer satisfaction and could be used to better target your communications and marketing, Power BI will be well worth your time. Did we also mention that it’s free?

To find out more about Power BI view our website. Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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