Many business have processes being managed with the use of email, paper forms, Excel or Access because they need to capture, store and direct information in order to complete business activities. These processes are often inefficient due to bottlenecks caused by re-keying data or scanning, at risk of human error, time consuming, or unstructured. These inefficiencies can impact the productivity, customer satisfaction or profitability of a business.

A quick way to improve your processes is by adding the ability to collect data in structured forms. You want forms that are quick to build, can smoothly integrate with workflows and existing business systems, and most importantly make it easier for users to complete their work.

Mobile forms

Nintex Forms is a product that augments SharePoint and allows you to very quickly deliver sophisticated forms. Users can fill the forms out using a browser on their PC, but more excitingly the forms also work with mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and iPads. Here are some of the benefits that this brings:

  • It’s Secure

    Data on paper forms, emails, or files on user PCs is at risk of compromise. Nintex ensures that form data securely and reliably reaches its destination. Furthermore, the Nintex Live service can be used as a gateway, allowing mobile forms connectivity without the need to punch incoming holes in your firewall.

  • Any time, anywhere access

    Enjoy a greater speed of execution as users capture information and respond to tasks on the go and processes run faster. If a mobile device loses its connection the Nintex mobile app will let you work offline and sync the data when a connection is re-established. Examples of on-the-go tasks include:

    • Submitting requests
    • Responding to tasks
    • Reviewing content
    • Approving documents
  • Leverage Features of the Mobile Device

    Using your mobile to complete forms means that you can choose to access functions like the camera or the geo-location to enhance the data you are providing. For example if you are reporting a hazard you can take a photo of it and also record its exact location.

  • Increase Accuracy

    Removing the need to re-key information or rely on paper lowers the risk of errors being introduced. A good mobile form allows you to collect data once in a structured format and use rules to control what fields need to be completed, or limit the options a user can select. You can then integrate with workflows and other systems to make sure that data ends up where it needs to.

  • Meet Employee or Customer Expectations

    76% of adults in the UK have a smartphone*. They expect to be able to use it for work or leisure and get increasingly frustrated when they can’t. If you have Nintex Forms, the next time someone asks you ‘Why can’t I just do this on my mobile?’ you will be able to create a solution that means they can.

    Plus you can add your own branding and logos to your mobile apps and forms. Nintex renders forms in native apps to ensuring a familiar slick looking experience for users, delivering the right format for their device and platform.

For more information about the benefits of mobile forms and how they can be utilised within your organisation, please contact us.

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