Hootsuite have just announced their integration with Microsoft, allowing users to now access Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint and Yammer from the Hootsuite dashboard.

Microsoft integration with Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a powerful social tool for business, allowing users to manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ amongst many others, with their app directory continually expanding with new integrations.

This extensive integration (with Microsoft) will allow you to utilise social content across your organisation, whether it’s for social marketing, social selling, customer support, or internal collaboration.


As part of the integration with Microsoft, users will now be able to track social ROI by integrating social interactions into the entire customer journey. For Dynamics CRM particularly, users will be able to add social data to customer records to create a more rounded overview of each customer.

SharePoint will enable the sharing of social media content across teams, particularly useful for resolving customer issues and requests, and this also extends to team members publishing content from their own social feeds into public and team SharePoint sites. This also works the other way around, so SharePoint content can be brought into the Hootsuite dashboard, “so that content can be viewed alongside social media data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.”

The integration with Yammer will allow real time collaboration about customer interactions that take place across social media. “For example, if a customer tweets about a product release date and your team member is not sure how to respond, they can log into their Yammer account directly from Hootsuite and ask the product manager for clarification.”

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