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Father Christmas is bored of mince pies being left for him, fuel his productivity instead of his waistline by helping him manage his workload and organise his workforce of elves with Office 365 from Microsoft. Here are five great features Father Christmas can utilise this holiday season:

Cross-device access

Father Christmas is a busy man and is constantly on the move. Key documents, Outlook and CRM can all be accessed across mobile, tablet and desktop devices allowing him to work from his North Pole Headquarters or while on the move anytime, anywhere.

Skype for Business

Father Christmas can keep in touch his workforce using Skype for Business and know their availability with the live presence feature. Microsoft have also just recently announced the new Enterprise E5 plan, enabling connecting with colleagues and those outside of the organisation more intuitive than ever before.

Outlook integration with CRM

Never before has keeping track of Christmas wish lists been easier! By integrating Outlook with Dynamics CRM, Father Christmas can simply drag an email into a folder and have all communication captured against contacts. In a future release, CRM data will also be able to be surfaced within Outlook creating a seamless experience for Father Christmas and his elves.

Enterprise Social networking with Yammer

Create project and interest groups within Yammer; share ideas and knowledge, and connect with your organisation. Specific members of Father Christmas’ workforce can be @mentioned to involve them into conversation, and popular topics can be hash tagged for users to easily follow updates and news about i.e. the #christmasparty.

Analyse Market Trends

Father Christmas can get an early indication of the hottest toys and gifts of the moment with Microsoft Social Engagement which can be used to listen across key social channels to identify and easily follow market trends. In this day and age, guesswork has been thrown out the window, data is everything and with Power BI, business insights can be unlocked and critical business decisions can be made easier and quicker by pulling together the right data into one central location.

So this Christmas, empower your workforce with Office 365. To find out more please contact one of our experts.

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