Office 365 Groups

Broadening your organisations outlook with Office 365 Groups

Admit it, is your organisation so impressed with its business class email with Outlook, for its ability to stay in sync with calendars and contact information in real time across devices; the ability to custom format the look and feel of business emails; it’s in-built tools for managing and securing accounts amongst other things that the other great features of Office 365 have been somewhat underutilised? It’s ok, we totally understand.

Office 365 is so much more than Outlook. Our Office 365 product page and our Office 365 Consultancy Services page cover some of the most well-known and valued features, but what about the other lesser well known stuff and the new tools that are taking collaboration and productivity to a new level?

In the latter part of 2015, Microsoft released the first phase of Office 365 Groups, a ‘new set of connected experiences that will enable your company to work like a network.’

Once upon a time, to manage and set up project groups, each app had its own tools for doing so which while they work(ed), isn’t practical when users need to be able to collaborate across a selection of applications to work on a project effectively. Office 365 Groups brings people, information and applications together and all group members have shared access to an inbox, calendar, file storage and notebook to work together and manage their workload(s). Skype for Business calls can also be made from within Outlook for real-time decision making.

By default, all Groups are open allowing for other colleagues to join and support projects, having access to everything already shared to bring themselves up to speed. However, for projects containing sensitive information, Groups can be made private. Users can also download the Outlook Groups mobile app to continue group working on the go.

In summary, the Groups service includes: Outlook, OneDrive for Business, OneNote, Skype for Business, Power BI and Dynamics 365, with plans to soon incorporate Yammer, Delve and Office Planner.

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