Five great reasons why your organisation will benefit from Yammer

Five ways your organisation will benefit from Yammer

Yammer is Microsoft’s enterprise social network tool, which introduces the collaborative, mobile ways of interacting with content that your users expect from their favourite social platforms. As part of Office 365, Yammer connects seamlessly into your Microsoft ecosystem to boost your communication and help you share the things that are important to your colleagues.

Here are five key ways that your organisation will benefit from introducing Yammer:

Reduce inbox clutter

Need to let colleagues know about an upcoming event? Want to notify people of a change to holiday policy? Time for everyone to collect their lunchboxes from the overflowing cupboard in the kitchen?

Avoid filling up your colleagues’ inboxes and causing distractions throughout the day by sharing these messages on Yammer instead. That way, your users can digest all key messages in one go when they have time.

Build connections across offices and departments

Yammer lets users create groups based on skills, interests and hobbies to you get to know colleagues with similar interests, regardless of their location or team. A firm favourite at Pythagoras is our virtual ‘Water Cooler’ group, because being in a different office shouldn’t stop you having a chat with a colleague over your morning coffee! If you want to make sure someone doesn’t miss a particular post, you can @mention them to notify them via email too.

Praise colleagues for a job well done

If a colleague has done a great job, you should share it! Let everyone know when someone has won a new deal, delivered a killer presentation or stayed late to fix your laptop. This not only helps employees feel rewarded, but it also helps to deliver a consistent highlight reel of your team’s skills and achievements to make it clear where people should go for certain expertise. You can easily surface Yammer channels on your intranet to share the good news there too.

Keep your finger on the pulse

It can be a challenge to stay up to date with the latest news that affects your industry. By posting relevant news articles, documents and videos to Yammer, you can all benefit when someone stumbles across a useful article or key product update. Don’t forget to #hashtag your content too, as this will makes it easily searchable in future.

Posting to Yammer is also a great way to find out who can help if you’re stuck on a project or struggling to remember a case study. A quick post will encourage others to share their resources and skills to get you working again.

Gather feedback

Whether you’re asking for opinions on the next charity to support or trying to plan where the Summer BBQ should be held, there’s no better way to quickly gain feedback from your colleagues than with a Yammer poll. As well as voting for their favourite choices, users can ‘like’ and comment to let you know more about their opinions on the subject.

If you’re looking to boost collaboration and encourage knowledge sharing at your organisation, get in touch to find out more about how your organisation can benefit from Yammer.

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