Five great reasons why your organisation will benefit from Yammer

Five great reasons why your organisation will benefit from Yammer

Yammer is an enterprise social network that can be argued as being the workplace friendly version of Facebook –you can like, follow, join groups and share content in the same way as some of your employees do on the popular social channel in their down time. If your organisation has yet to employ Yammer, here are five reasons why it should:

Engage Everyone & Connect

It doesn’t matter how big or small the office is, sometimes you just never time that coffee break correctly to bump into the right colleagues for a catch up. Or maybe you work remotely and rarely see anyone? With Yammer, you can connect and ‘follow’ your colleagues directly so you not only keep in the loop with what projects they’re working on and content they’re sharing, you can instantly engage with the click of a button.

You can also set up and join public and private Yammer groups which can relate to projects, interests and (social) events to name only three!

Seamless Integration with Office 365

With the new Office 365 Groups app, you can now share and engage across a number of apps and utilise the tools you need to aid collaboration with your colleagues, and take it to the max.

Stay Agile: Share Knowledge & Keep your Finger on the Pulse

Discovered some interesting articles lately about some new key industry trends or just something you know your colleagues will love? Share it! Links, PDFs, images and video. Hashtags can also be used to ensure your content (about #Office365) is found.


Got stuck on something and the colleague you need is on holiday? Start a discussion within Yammer and find out who else has the knowledge and expertise to help.

Or maybe you have a great idea about doing a team activity after work one evening? Start a discussion and find out who’s in. You can also loop in colleagues by @mentioning them so they get notified when something being discussed requires their input and/or attention… just like you would on Facebook.


Search and discover on Yammer new and existing groups, colleagues, files, projects and conversations. If it matters to your organisation, there will be a conversation taking place on Yammer about it.

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