Motivate your staff with Office 365

5 Ways to Motivate your Workforce with Office 365

If you were a fan of The Office, you’ll remember the episode featuring Big Keith’s appraisal with Boss, David Brent. In the days before appraisals were able to be completed online, employees were required to fill out a set of questions manually prior to the meeting, which would be worked through with their manager. Appraisals don’t need explaining or why they exist, but to bring non-The Office viewers up to speed, David questions why Keith has written ‘accounts’ under the section aimed at determining employee strengths, wanting to identify his skills and not simply Keith’s job role. Keith shrugs. David then sees that Keith hasn’t filled out the Q&A section and so proceeds to ask Keith the questions (e.g. to what extent do you believe that you have the skills and knowledge to perform your job effectively?), requiring a response of: Not at all, to some extent, very much so, don’t know. Keith answers ‘don’t know’ to the three questions David reads out before he gives up asking any further.

Don’t let your employees be disengaged and unresponsive like Keith. If you have empowered your organisation with technology such as Office 365, motivate your modern workforce to achieve their best and utilise the tools available to them.

Communicate & Collaborate

Whether your colleagues are sat next to each other or based at other ends of the country, Yammer, Skype for Business, Outlook and OneNote to name just a few are all designed to aid collaboration and get your workforce communicating with each other to share advice, tackle obstacles and work together… geography and distance no longer needs to be a factor to work around.

Host Meetings

Regular get-togethers are important to ensure teams are on the same page when beginning a new project, and checking in from time to time to ensure things are still running to plan is equally vital. However, trying to co-ordinate everyone’s diary to have them all in the same location at the same time is not always easy. See how the features of Skype for Business can allow your workforce to create the boardroom anywhere.

Visualise their Pipeline

There’s nothing worse than your sales team not having a clear picture of their pipeline, not knowing what deals need closing, where cross-sell opportunities lie and which customers haven’t had a call recently to touch base and see how things are going. With Dynamics 365, your sales team can have clear visibility and access to their pipeline and customer accounts which can also be managed across devices from within the office or when out on the road. Power BI can also be utilised to display reports and results in a much more visual and engaging way.


When one of the team has closed a great piece of new business, passed an important exam, or just been a fantastic support on a project, congratulate them using the ‘praise feature’ within Yammer. Make sure that anyone from within the organisation can praise a colleague, not just senior management.

Achieve Goals, Together

Keep your colleagues in the loop by sharing with them the company vision and the objectives for the year ahead. Use the monthly staff newsletter (maybe using Sway) to let them know when new customers have come on board and any other successes.

…And finally, lead by example.