How Click Dimensions saves time and effort for Campaign Marketing

How Click Dimensions saves time and effort for Campaign Marketing


In this post, I list how the features of Click Dimensions can be applied to campaign marketing. In this scenario, this five-stage marketing campaign has been designed to generate leads at a customer event, the process of which has been split to cover the following five areas: Email, web, qualification, customer surveys and reporting. For those who are new to Click Dimensions; It is a great resource for saving marketers’ time and enabling efforts in email marketing, web intelligence reporting, lead scoring, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, and surveys (just to name a few).

Click Dimensions is also a Microsoft Certified CRM solution and provides an automated marketing experience inside Dynamics CRM.

1. Email

Start the campaign journey by creating an exciting email to alert prospective customers of your upcoming event.

At this stage Click Dimensions enables you to do the following:

  • Build creative email layouts easily with drag and drop features
  • Attach the email to an existing marketing / customer list in Dynamics CRM
  • Test two versions of the email before sending to customers (split A/B testing)
  • Allow recipients to manage their subscription preferences to your marketing lists
  • See how your email looks in different email clients
  • Vary the content in your email, so that they appeal to different recipients
  • Track events such as clicks, forwards, and social shares
  • Link your call-to-actions to an event landing page.
Screenshot, Click Dimensions, Email

2. Website

On the event landing page on your website, capture registrations for the customer event via a Click Dimensions web form.

At this stage Click Dimensions enables you to do the following:

  • Design web forms easily with drag and drop features
  • Acquire accurate information by defining validation rules
  • Choose from a range of embedding options to implement your form into a web page
  • Map form fields so that records can be created, or updated inside Dynamics CRM
  • Automate marketing processes inside and outside Dynamics CRM.
Screenshot, Click Dimensions, Web Form

3. Qualifying

Your form is setup, and registrations are flooding in. Closer to the event, you may want to enable a better overview of your event registrations, determining your guest list so that you can create name badges and prepare additional marketing material for your attendees. Automated emails can be setup in Click Dimensions to send before the event.

  • Recipients can respond to an email by a simply ticking yes or no.
  • Through Click Dimensions, the email responses can update records in Dynamics CRM. In this scenario, your attendee list can be automatically filtered.
Screenshot, Click Dimensions, Qualifying

4. Customer Event Surveys

Before the event, design a survey that helps to refine leads and gives you feedback about your event that attendees can fill out on the day. The survey can be displayed and populated on a tablet or mobile device.

At this stage Click Dimensions Surveys enable you to do the following:

  • Design the look and feel of your survey with its drag and drop features
  • Choose from a selection of formats to suit different questions, for example rating scale, list, single-select (radio), multi-select (checkboxes), and text
  • Automatically skip questions based on a user’s response
  • Automate Dynamics CRM based on survey responses
  • Link survey results to update existing customer records.
Screenshot, Click Dimensions, Survey

5. Reporting

Work out the success of your campaign using data filters and dashboards in Dynamics CRM.

At this stage Click Dimensions enables you to do the following:

  • Link customer email clicks, form captures, and survey results to the campaign
  • Pull data from Click Dimensions to visualise in Power BI
  • Report on social media activity.
Screenshot, Click Dimensions, Reporting

How can Pythagoras help you get the best from Click Dimensions?

  • Deployment of Click Dimensions into Dynamics CRM
  • Migration of CRM data into Click Dimensions
  • Customisation and advanced configuration of Click Dimensions
  • Integration of Click Dimension with other IT Systems.

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