Hands On Office 365 event Summary

Hands-On Office 365 Event

On Thursday 25th February, Pythagoras hosted the first in our new series of Hands-On events, focussing this first session on Office 365. The aim of these sessions is to bring together a small group of customers to see a particular technology in action; hearing about some of its core features and trying them out for themselves with a hands on approach. While you can read about a piece of technology or software in detail, sometimes a real-time demonstration helps you get to grips with it much more beneficially, as well as finding out exactly how it can be adopted into your organisation. It’s also worth noting that Pythagoras are one of the only partners in the UK with the full Microsoft Stack offering.

Hosting the morning were Pythagoras employees Account Manager, Mark Clack, and Office 365 & Azure technology professional, Dan Fernadez-Cao.

Providing some context to the session, the modern workplace has gone through a fundamental shift with regard to the way it operates; employees, particularly millennial’s, now consider mobility to be a crucial element of their working life including having access to information at the tips of their fingers, and being able to use their own devices at work. Following Satya Nadella’s keynote at Future Decoded 2015, Microsoft’s vision is to reinvent productivity and business processes, empowering modern workforces to work smarter, not harder. Now really is a great time to be involved in Microsoft Cloud services.

It also must be noted that more data has been created in the last 4 years than ever before, but our ability to absorb information quicker hasn’t changed. This means data and the tools used to analyse it need to become more intelligent. Office 365 and the rest of the Microsoft stack are making great advances to achieving this, particularly with applications like Power BI that can pull data and display it in easy to digest visualisations.

Here are some of the key features mentioned and demoed during the session about Office 365:

  • Office 365 has a very similar interface to popular social networks, meaning the millennial worker is already running and easily navigating their way around the tools available to them.

  • Content co-creation: collaborate in real-time online and offline, which is great for teams all contributing to the same document at the same time, often working from different locations and devices.

  • Dan’s ‘The Avengers model’: The coming together and then disbanding of people and projects. Office 365 allows you to expand and contract as and when you need which is a much better process for managing people and teams, particularly for IT.

  • Office 365 can enable workforces to always be mobile and always be connected.

  • Through control of devices, users can Time bomb certain information so it’s only available to be opened for a set amount of time. Great for documents containing time sensitive and confidential information.

Overall, the event proved to be a tremendous success, each of the participants taking something away with them to activate in their own organisations.

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