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Mutual Re-insurer Pool Re consolidate data & drive better business intelligence to work smarter with Pythagoras

Mutual re-insurer, Pool Re who specialise in terrorism cover for commercial UK property, partnered with IT consultancy Pythagoras to replace their existing Membership Management System. Pool Re identified that their existing system had become secondary to Excel spreadsheets, and consequently found that they had many contact records for the same person, out of sync and in many different locations.

Pythagoras, who have extensive and renowned expertise in the insurance sector, helped Pool Re replace their outdated processes by creating a bespoke solution using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This new solution was secure, functional and integrated with other systems such as Outlook and SharePoint, to capture and consolidate all customer information in order to provide that single view.

Rowland Parr, Account Manager, Pythagoras commented, “Using products like Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, we are able to provide organisations like Pool Re, with that consolidated view of their data, and really help bring together disparate work forces, disparate systems and drive better business intelligence through smarter reporting. We are absolutely delighted with the relationship we have formed with Pool Re, and we really hope the relationship continues to grow as it has done, and we are proud to be known as their trusted advisors when it comes to technology implementation.

Mark Harris, Head of IT, Pool Re added, “Pythagoras provided an excellent cultural fit for our organisation, particularly owing to their experience in our industry and with some of our client insurance companies as existing customers. We now have one location for all our key information regarding our members, and we look forward to building a continued relationship with Pythagoras to develop our system further.”

Pythagoras are now working with Pool Re to drive Microsoft Dynamics CRM into other parts of the business. They are also helping to roll out a claims management solution, a members’ portal as well as an intranet solution and a document management solution using SharePoint that will tightly integrate back into the Dynamics CRM platform.

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