CRM Mobile App

An Overview of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile App

By Matthew Steer, Junior Pre-Sales Consultant

The Microsoft Dynamics Mobile app is a fantastic tool you can download onto your phone or tablet; since its release the app’s capabilities have come on leaps and bounds. The app has a large number of features and benefits and can do most of what a user can do on their desktop computer, while allowing them to work on the go, even when the app is switched to its offline feature.


The mobile version of CRM allows users to view their activities; they can see what meetings are scheduled along with the time and date, and also set reminders to call back customers to provide more information and continue the conversation. This helps ensure users don’t miss something important like a meeting, and also keeps them on track with their busy schedule.

Users can also view accounts and contacts with the app, seeing all the information that has been logged so far. This could be phone numbers, emails, home/business addresses and any notes that have been added to the record. The great features don’t stop there however, new contacts or accounts can be added via the app, with the same form view as if it was on a PC. So if in a meeting with new prospects, the app can be used to collect details and add them to the account straight away.

Just like accounts and contacts, users can also view and add leads and opportunities straight from their device. This part of the app we feel is one of the most powerful areas; if a staff member is on their way to meet a customer or prospect, they can access the opportunity and see all the details such as the client’s name, their budget, what has already been discussed previously, and any other notes considered useful to the meeting. This not only increases their professionalism, but can make all the difference between closing or losing a deal.

CRM Mobile App

Moving onto other major areas of the app, dashboards can be created to show –for example- quarterly performance, or who the top customers are. This can be really effective because it can let users know information within seconds, instead of having to dive into each record to extract this sort of information manually. Good time management is central to productivity and this app can support users in achieving this.


Having sensitive company information accessible on a phone is often perceived as a risk, particularly if somebody was to lose the device, what would happen? Luckily there are many security features in place that will help to protect the data. A password or PIN can be added to the app, and if a user is unfortunate enough to lose their phone/tablet, the app can be wiped by the user’s organisation IT administrators to protect the data stored.

Times Have Changed

The app is no longer solely a resource for sales professionals, it also now works for marketing, servicing and other teams. This means areas such as sales opportunities; accounts; contacts; emails; campaigns; appointments; tasks; cases and campaigns, are all accessible by authorised users.

The app has been designed to fit most sizes and types of screens so that you get the best experience from it. On a phone it has been optimised to be a single column of information for ease of use, and the tablet version can show more columns, depending on screen size.

Available to Everyone

The best part is that the app is free for all users on iOS, Android and Windows devices!  Everyone can have all these amazing benefits and features right at their fingertips,  all they need to do is link the app to their Dynamics CRM system to be up and running within minutes.