New Tech Era for Town Halls - Public Sector Technology Report 2016

New Tech Era for Town Halls – Public Sector Technology Report 2016

On Monday 12th December The Times published the 2016 Public Sector Report which was put together and commissioned by Raconteur, a premium publisher of current affairs and special reports on business, finance, technology and healthcare.

“Recent political events, notably Brexit, have meant digital has slipped down prime minister Theresa May’s to-do list. However, it’s vital digital government remains a high priority for the Conservative cabinet in order to protect the future of the public sector. This Special Report includes the high-tech treatment saving the NHS, how digital is transforming the classroom, and cyber-security measures that protect the state and its citizens” –Raconteur, 2016.

In this report, Pythagoras commissioned the feature, ‘New Era for Town Halls’ which examined how Civic Centres are adjusting to the new technology curve which has the potential to position them as pioneers of leading-edge systems.

While some local authorities are still grappling with digitisation and the introduction of web-based services, others could be early adopters of new technology that will automate many everyday dealings between councils and their customers.

The feature also not only highlighted but brought attention to the power automated intelligence (AI) aka. Bots have on the public sector by transforming customer service. These ‘bots’ have the power to carry out conversation online without the caller aware they aren’t talking to a human being, as simple enquiries will be able to be logged, reported and resolved in an instant. “Now the real question is how many calls can be successfully answered by a machine or computer rather than by staff? That’s where the savings are going to come from” comments Ian Robson.

Recent statistics reveal that 63 per cent of local authorities say their top area of planned savings is through the automation of processes, and more efficient and targeted use of limited resources. 

To be clear, although job cuts will be an inevitable result of the introduction of AI into local authority, the emphasis is on better allocation of human skill to deal with more complicated issues which stands to save councils millions of pounds.

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