Universities Challenged: When does the Student Journey Begin?

On Wednesday 7th December, Universities UK hosted a conference focused on enhancing the student experience. At the conference, Colin Charlton, Business Development Manager, Pythagoras, hosted a panel discussion about what defines the student experience in the millennial generation and where exactly does it start?

Joining Colin on stage were-

David Mutti, Head of IT Programme Management, University of Greenwich; Nick Cole, Associate IT Director, Leeds Beckett University; Paul Colbran, Director of IT, Southampton Solent University.

Question 1: When does the student experience begin and how can we be sure the institution is ready to engage at the right time?

The student experience is starting earlier and earlier as institutions are in some cases, beginning to communicate with prospects as young as school age. By inviting schoolchildren to campus, institutions can begin to learn about them, which can help to create a profile. In return, the student can also gain a better understanding of the value of a university degree, and see an environment they can thrive in not just academically. The more traditional terrestrial experience such as open days can enable an institution to capture further information to profile the prospect, and join it up to the online experience to create a 360-degree view of that student; CRM can help institutions join those dots together.  It is important institutions use the information they gain in the most productive way; a personalised experience can help write value. The skills to be able to ask the right questions are going to be important going forward when it comes to the tools Institutions use.

View the full video from our panel discussion at Universities UK 2016 –