Microsoft Dynamics CRM – ACS Update

Organisations utilising components that authenticate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online via Access Control Service (ACS), may have to take action before June 30th 2017 to ensure connected components continue to function as expected.

We are advising organisations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and the following components, to contact us (please note this may not cover all possible scenarios):

  1. Those on ADX Studio v7.0.0024 or below
  2. Those who use Kingsway v7.4 or below
  3. Those using Email router that is version 8.1 or below
  4. If you are using Microsoft.XRM.SDK.dll either through a custom application or custom portal

What is ACS?

Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service (ACS), is a way to provide identity and access control to web applications and services, while integrating with standards-based identity providers.

Next Steps

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 support consultants are on hand to provide assistance. Contact our team here.

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