Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition

At Microsoft’s recent Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington D.C (9-13th July), in addition to the announcement about LinkedIn’s integration with Dynamics 365, Microsoft revealed further plans in the pipeline to continue working to integrate Dynamics 365 with Office 365.

Since 2015, Microsoft’s Mission Statement has been to empower every individual and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. One of the ways to achieve this is by bringing together solutions in the way customers want them in order to increase productivity and collaboration.

What Business Solution Customers Want

  • Purpose-built apps that are easy to try, buy and use

  • Strategic partners

  • Simple pricing and licencing

What Business Solution Customers Do Not Want

  • Complex and costly ERP/CRM solution

  • Integration headaches

  • Failed projects

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Managing multiple systems while trying to grow a business can be a real struggle, particularly with customer orders, data and finances in separate systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition simplifies all this by connecting business processes together in one place.

Targeted at the SMB market, typically at companies who may have no central system and are struggling with disparate data and/or ageing systems to keep their business running, Dynamics 365 Business Edition will enable a company to bring together all its data into one location. For those that may already have Office 365, upgrading to a Business Premium subscription to get Dynamics 365 Business Edition, will be a compelling and simple to deploy solution.

Dynamics 365 Business Edition Approach

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

For Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

For Marketing

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Multichannel campaigns

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages and forms
  • LinkedIn
  • Events

Personalised lead nurture-

  • Journey guided by lead behaviour
  • Perfectly timed messages
  • Score and prioritise leads for wins

Make smarter decisions

  • Dynamic segment designer for business users
  • Simplified admin, configurable, and extensible
  • Dashboards, reports and surveys

For Sales

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Easily visualise customer information-

  • Simple user experience
  • Provides sales reps with useful and important information at a glance… on any device
  • Share customer information with team members

Sales Automation-

  • Customisable business process flows that follow best practices
  • Contact cards that allow quick actions such as calling or sending an email
  • Relationship assistant to pro-actively display useful information

Interactive business insights-

  • Providing sales reps and managers with useful and important information at a glance
  • Interactive dashboards and reports for all entities allowing users to easily filter through data

How to control your business anywhere, on any device

  1. Access Dynamics 365 Business Edition via the Office 365 single sign on, enabling easy accessibility of all business and productivity tools.
  2. The Dynamics 365 Business Edition home screen enables users to visualise all the important data crucial to the successful managing of their business –finances, sales orders, quotes and invoices to date.
  3. Because of the Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365, users can utilise Power BI to take a deeper analysis of business financials and discover trends, which can have an impact on the future of the business, particularly when utilised in projection planning.
  4. Again, owing to the integration, customer data can be available within Outlook, making dealing with enquiries a breeze as the user can view everything they need from within one application.
  5. Within Outlook, a user can select ‘customer insights’ to get a view of data associated with a contact like financials, past quotes and payments.
  6. Need to create a new quote on the move? No problem! From within Outlook create quotes and even new orders as soon as that approval email comes through.

Country Availability

CY 2017 Q3

Dynamics 365 Business Edition
Dynamics 365 Business Edition

In Summary

Dynamics 365 Business Edition helps users to connect all the separate areas of a business together, enabling –

  • Better decision making
  • Business growth
  • Keeping the business ticking over and in good condition

Until General Availability – Two special offers for SMBs

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

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