Dynamics 365 Licensing update

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

Following Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Inspire, hosted in Washington D.C. back in July, the following changes were announced regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing SKUs –

Team members’ tiers consolidated to a new single price point of $8

The change was in response to the feedback that tiers are creating un-necessary complexity and provide steeper discounting than is required in many scenarios.

Plan 1 and Plan 2 have been renamed to Customer Engagement Plan and Dynamics 365 Plan

Relationship Sales App introduced from July 1st

The relationship sales app is not included in the customer engagement plan but relationship sales seats do count toward customer engagement tiers purchased. This standalone app includes the standard Sales app and the new LinkedIn component. The relationship sales app follows a waterfall pricing structure. (see below).

Removal of Operations App with the Unified Operations Plan

This will be the same price with additional value including PowerApps, Retail, Talent and Finance, and operations. Those on existing Dynamics 365 for Operations users will automatically be transitioned over.

The Finance and Operations app will currently all other operations functionality (e.g. manufacturing and supply chain management). Microsoft will continue to breakout these apps in the future.

So, the current updated SKU structure (correct as of July 2017) is:

Change to portals in customer engagement business applications

Microsoft found organisations with small user numbers were not using the portals included. Going forward a five-user minimum requirement of either customer engagement plan or business applications required for portal deployment.

This change affects new customers only, for new customers under five-users a portal can be purchased separately for $500.

Note: Team member licenses do not contribute to the minimum requirement for portal access.

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*All information correct at time of writing (July 2017), please check latest pricing guides.