Social Engagement – A new offering from ClickDimensions

By Paul Bartram, Pre-Sales Consultant

Social Media Software Companies offer amazing functionality, but the Industry suffers terribly from foggy messaging.  There are five specific categories of social media software, and lumping them all under “social media management” does us all a disservice. Here is clarification about the categories:

  1. Social Listening Software – helps those who need to know what’s being said about their company, their competitors, and category in social media.
  2. Social Conversation Software – helps those who need to professionally respond to questions posed about your company in social media, and find real-time opportunities to provide assistance.
  3. Social Marketing Software – helps those who need to launch and administer promotions, create custom Facebook apps, and manage creative assets.
  4. Social Analytics Software – helps those who need to know how effective your social media efforts are, both on specific platforms and overall, and whether it’s worth the effort.
  5. Social Influencer Software – helps those who need to find social media participants that are inexplicably interested in, or influential about, a particular topic. You will need to understand their passions and spheres of influence.

Manage all social media activity in one place

ClickDimensions integrated with Oktopost, provides features that take on Hootsuite, Sprout and Microsoft Social Engagement, by combining categories 1-4 above.

Manage all social media activity within Dynamics 365. Schedule content distribution in advance.  Stay on top of social conversations with social listening, See results for clicks, conversions, and engagement for every post, message, and source, Leverage your employees’ and advocates’ social reach, Discover, and share content to increase engagement and position your organisation as a thought-leader and assign team members to selected campaigns and social profiles, and easily manage cross-functional roles.

Activate Social Engagement by purchasing an additional licence from ClickDimensions

  • Publish

    Schedule content distribution in advance for any day or time to multiple social profiles such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+

    Social Campaign Management: Put an end to ad-hoc social posts with campaigns. Arrange, classify, & categorise all your social media content to simplify management and improve analysis.

    Social Media Editorial Calendar: Enjoy a company-wide view of all your social content that will enable you to intelligently manage your social pipeline and maximize your brand’s online visibility.

    Queues: As you add posts to your calendar, automatically schedule the social content to customised timeslots, so your audience see updates more frequently. Easily add content to your queue with the post-console or browser extension.

    Social Automation: Post directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ from within Dynamics 365/CRM or from the ClickDimensions social engagement platform.

    Social Publishing App: Schedule, publish, and analyse your social content anywhere you are from one powerful interface. Whether you’re taking a video at a conference, or posting content on the bus, the Social Publishing app allows you to engage with your audience at all times. Plan your editorial calendar, manage your campaigns or schedule content for later with just a few clicks.

  • Measure

    See results for clicks, conversions and engagement for every post, message and source.

    Acquisition & Lead Attribution:  Track conversions from social media activities and easily identify which channels and messaging drive results for your business on the social acquisition dashboard.

    Social Engagement: Use the engagement dashboard to view comments and engagement metrics in easy-to-understand charts, and segment data based on networks, messages, profiles, campaigns, and the best times of day to post.

    Audience Analytics: the social audience dashboard shows how your social media efforts are gaining traction to a growing audience. Understand what content attracts followers and how to build a supportive community.

    Content Analytics: With the social content dashboard, identify the “over-achievers”. Measure and improve is the winning cycle for social content.

    Data Portability: Reports that gain deep insight into your social media marketing performance. View clicks, conversions, comments, and engagement metrics in easy to read reports. Export all your unique social data for additional analysis, whether you use Excel or an enterprise BI solution.

  • Curate

    Organise the immense amounts of content on the web and display it in a persuasive and structured way around specific topics.

    Content Discovery: Built-in content curation engine. Discover and share content to increase audience engagement while positioning your business as a thought-leader with on-topic news and articles.

    Custom RSS Feeds: By connecting your Feedly account, sharing interesting and relevant content becomes streamlined and integrated with your daily social routines.

  • Listen

    Stay on top of social conversations with social listening.

    Streams: Create live monitors that track keywords, mentions, company pages and more. Easily follow and join social conversations that impact your brand, reply to feedback from customers, track key competitor activities and get inspiration for your next content idea.

    Engagement: Never miss a comment left on your posts. Eliminate the hassle of manually logging into each network, and let the Social Inbox automatically check for any comment your posts generated, giving you more time to focus on writing great responses.

    Social Customer Care:  Deliver a more personalized customer experience and make it a team effort by assigning customer mentions and messages to appropriate employees or departments.

  • Amplify

    Leverage your employees’ and advocates’ social reach.

    Social Amplification: With the social advocacy board your team can share content on their social networks, enabling you to leverage a new and untapped social reach. Employee social advocacy allows companies, of all sizes, to amplify their audience reach far beyond traditional social media marketing.

    Employee Thought Leadership: The social board helps advocate employees to become industry thought-leaders through the sharing of up-to-date and relevant content.

    Advocacy Leaderboard: Marketers and employees alike can easily view clicks and shares generated by each member. Quickly identify your top brand ambassadors, create an incentive program and track the contribution of employee advocacy to your social media activities.

    Closed Loop Reporting: all the data is shared with your marketing automation platform. Not only will you be able to create a world-class employee advocacy program, but also report on its success. Show clicks, conversions, and generated pipeline.

If you have any further enquiries about social engagement within ClickDimensions, or if we can help with anything else, please contact us.