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Pythagoras partners with Age UK to deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Pythagoras has been working with Age UK to deliver a platform for member and donor management, supporter communications and self-service portals built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We’re pleased to be able to share the work we’ve been doing and the benefits that this has had for Age UK in this new case study.

When we began working together, Age UK were in the early stages of designing a new CRM solution. They were looking for a platform that would:
• Be flexible and configurable, taking advantage of their investment in other Microsoft based functional solutions;
• Utilise out-of-the-box capability with minimal customisations;
• Provide the capability to open new channels to market and extend their reach to a larger user base;
• Support a data schema that holds data more intuitively;
• Empower users to make better informed decisions with current data;
• Use user-friendly interfaces, customisable by user type

Age UK decided that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best fit for them, as it offers extensive functionality with minimal customisation; follows a comprehensive upgrade path to ensure the solution remains up to date; and aligns well with existing Microsoft tools in use in the organisation. They chose to work with Pythagoras, as they liked our ethos of keeping our solutions as simplistic and out-of-the-box as possible, in order to keep support costs down and ensure that the system was able to grow with Age UK and follow a supported upgrade path.

We have now delivered functionality across marketing, managing member details, and donor management. The solution is now the core technology used in the contact centre, and users are able to carry out comprehensive reporting on their data using the tools in Dynamics CRM. We have also introduced Microsoft Portals, which are used for enquiry management, and by Age UK brand partners to make and track requests.

We continue to work closely with Age UK to support and enhance their CRM environment. Our next task is to upgrade Age UK to Dynamics 365, which will enable them to enjoy addition features and functionality.

About our ongoing partnership, CRM Programme Delivery Manager Christina Robinson says “We have found Pythagoras to be very flexible, knowledgeable about the products, and always willing to look for a solution, which is cost effective and rational.”

You can read the full case study here.

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