Valo Modern general availability

Valo announces general availability of Valo Modern

Valo has announced the general availability of Valo Modern, the world’s first intranet solution that is 100% built on Modern SharePoint.

Modern Sites revolutionise SharePoint, bringing a faster, more responsive, user focused product offered in the form of Communication Sites, Hub Sites and Modern Team Sites. The modern experience also provides integration with other key Office 365 apps, such as Forms, PowerApps and Power BI straight out of the box.. As a product built on top of SharePoint, Valo’s team were quick to begin development on a new version that could take advantage of this exciting new functionality.

Valo’s developers have been busy working on this next generation of their intranet-in-a-box solution, supported by feedback from their partners and early adopter customers from across the world. The announcement of general availability comes almost a month ahead of schedule, making Valo Modern the very first intranet solution to take full advantage of Modern SharePoint Sites.

Valo Modern Laptop

“We see this announcement as a game changer in the global intranet market. Microsoft has done an awesome job modernizing SharePoint for the past 2 years. With Valo we bring the complete intranet experience to all Microsoft 365 customers in the world.”

Jari Pullinen, Valo Vice President, announcing the upcoming release of Valo Modern at the SharePoint Conference North America.

Some key benefits of Valo Modern

Enhanced targeting
Target your news towards specific users based on profile or metadata, to ensure your intranet stays relevant and engaging.

Simplified page creation
Save page templates, including from existing pages, to help users create consistent and engaging pages or news.

Multilingual functionality
Deliver a multilingual intranet with localised communication sites and fully automated translations.

Enhanced branding options
Ensure consistent branding across communication and collaboration sites with full components branding and multiple-brand support.

Valo Modern Tablet and Phone

“This has been the most anticipated development for us in the three years that we’ve been Valo partners. This announcement sets Valo apart from other intranet solutions and demonstrates its commitment to delivering cutting edge technology to its customers.

Modern SharePoint Sites, enhanced with Valo, allow us to accelerate the delivery of cutting edge, easy to manage intranets to our customers which are likely to see wide spread adoption due to their ease of use.”

Daniel Fowle, Principle SharePoint and Valo Consultant, Pythagoras

What does this mean for us?

For organisations looking at deploying Valo, this means you will have the option to deploy Valo Modern and take advantage of the exciting new feature set and enhanced user experience.

If you are already using Valo with Office 365, the great news is that you will be offered the choice to update to Valo Modern as part of your Fresh subscription.

There’s no need to panic if you are happy with your Valo intranet as it is, as Valo have committed to supporting Classic SharePoint Sites for as long as they exist.

How can we see Valo Modern?

You can get in touch with us at to find out more about the updated intranet solution and book your demo.