Insights from Valo’s Europe Partner Summit 2019

Having just returned from the Valo Partner Summit in Amsterdam, we thought we’d share some of the insights from the three days of #valolove!

Valo is growing, quickly

In the three years since we first partnered with Valo, the partner network has grown to include over 220 partners in over 40 countries. Together with these other partners, we’ve used Valo to transform the digital workplaces of over 500 companies and 1.5 million end users across the world.

It’s not just the partner network that is growing either- Valo are actively recruiting 16 new people to help them deliver their ambitious roadmap and help them become the leading digital workplace solution based on Microsoft.

Modern is the future, but Classic isn’t going anywhere soon

We were excited to hear the latest additions to the Valo Modern platform that were introduced as part of 1.3 a couple of weeks ago, and the summit gave the team an opportunity to announce even more features that we’ll be seeing soon. Valo was the world’s first turnkey intranet solution to be available on Modern SharePoint, and in the short time since this initial release, the team at Valo have invested huge amounts of time into achieving feature parity with Valo Classic. This latest release introduced some great new features, such as:

  • An enhanced content creation experience
  • Branding extensibility through Lightsaber
  • Enhanced content analytics with Valo Analytics
  • Additional three languages- Russian, Norwegian and Spanish (in addition to existing English, German, French, Dutch, Finnish, Italian and Swedish)
  • Office 365 Videos Webpart

You can find out more about release 1.3 here, as well as checking out the video below.

The Valo team is committed to providing innovation and updates for both their Valo Modern and Valo Classic customers. The latest Valo Classic release was announced this week, including a new modern search centre which we can see is going to save our customers lots of time with both freetext and metadata-based searching. There were also updates to the look and feel of the Idea Management tool to make it more user-friendly, and 30 updates and improvements to other features.

New announcement: Valo Digital Workplace mobile app

Valo Modern customers can head to the App Store (and Google Play very soon) and download the new Valo Digital Workplace mobile app. This app provides a solid foundation for your mobile digital workplace, bringing you all of your news and contacts straight to your phone. With the app, users can search for a colleague’s contact details and dial them directly from their mobile, or browse, like and comment on the latest news from their phone.

We also got a chance to hear about some of the new concepts and features the Valo team are working on, which we’re looking forward to bringing to our customers over the next few months. We’re excited for the imminent release of some of these features, such as full Yammer integration, an ability to immediately publish company news, and an additional 10 languages.

Thanks to everyone at Valo, and to all speakers and partners who made the summit such a brilliant event. It’s great to be a part of a community of partners dedicated to improving the digital workplace for all of our customers!

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